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Dr. Daria Shewchuk

Registered Psychologist
Clinical & Counseling Psychology
Adolescent & Adult Psychotherapy

About Shewchuk-Dann & Associates

Shewchuk-Dann & Associates began in Edmonton in 1986. For approximately 30 years Daria Shewchuk (previously known as Daria Shewchuk-Dann) and her associates have provided services in rural and urban Edmonton and surrounding area, Northern Alberta, Central British Columbia and the Greater Vancouver area.

Shewchuk-Dann & Associates' focus is treating individuals who suffer the effects of trauma, PTSD, Complex PTSD as well as in the area of First Nations, among other specialities.

Currently Dr. Daria Shewchuk's practice is focused on teens and adults.

Unfortunately, we are not accepting referrals for new couples or children at this time.

About Dr. Daria Shewchuk

Dr. Shewchuk’s Ph.D. is in Clinical Psychology. Prior to obtaining her Ph.D. Daria Shewchuk worked as a Clinical Social Worker. She is licensed as a Clinical and Counselling Psychologist and has over 35 years of experience.

Dr. Daria has forensic experience, and has prepared formalized court reports and given expert evidence at all levels of court in Alberta, as well as providing expert evidence in British Columbia and Saskatchewan.

Dr. Shewchuk has worked with youth and adults in a variety of settings and has served as a consulting Psychologist to the Attorney General’s Ministry, Ministry for Children and Families, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Health. She has been used as a clinical supervisor in Alberta and British Columbia.

Dr. Shewchuk has taught at colleges and universities in the areas of counselling theories, multi-cultural counselling, working with children, family violence, sexual abuse, trauma treatment, and related areas.

Dr. Shewchuk has worked extensively with First Nations communities and people. She is Bi-lingual English and Ukrainian. Dr. Daria Shewchuk is currently focused on working with teens and adults.

Articles by Dr. Daria Shewchuk(-Dann)

Daria Shewchuk(-Dann) has written a number of scholarly articles and presented papers at a several conferences or workshops:
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