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When You call Shewchuk-Dann & Associates you will probably reach our Voicemail system (though sometimes you will reach Dr. Shewchuk directly).

Dr. Shewchuk's part-time administrator will most likely return your call. She will ask a couple of questions to ensure you and Dr. Shewchuk are a good fit, and answer any questions you may have.

Please note:
Dr. Shewchuk is not currently accepting couples for relationship counseling, nor families.
Also, she usually does not see children anymore but does make some exceptions so please ask.
Additionally, Dr. Shewchuk is limiting the number of new First Nation's funded and victim services funded clients at this time.

Dr. Shewchuk's administrator will be happy to book appointments for you to see Dr. Shewchuk in her New Westminister office at 625 5th Avenue, suite 401. 

Location & Map

Suite 401, 625-5th Avenue, New Westminister
BC, Canada
by Appointment Only

Fee Schedule 

Please feel free to call or email with any questions 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Please feel free to call or email with any questions 
  • Is Dr. Daria taking on new clients?

    Yes Dr. Daria is currently taking on new clients.

  • Do I need a referral?

    No, you don't need a referral to book an appointment with Dr. Shewchuk.

    Psychological services are not covered by BC MSP in most cases, even when your doctor refers you.

  • Do you have an extended health plan?
    (I.e. through work benefits or private insurance coverage)
    Psychological services are often covered by work benefits or other extended health plans or private insurance coverage.

    Most extended health plans have some coverage for psychological services with a Registered Psychologist (Dr. Daria Shewchuk is Registered in BC and AB). Often you pay when you receive service and are reimbursed through your plan. Your extended health provider can let you know your coverage.

    Some examples of the plans that offer coverage are through:
    Blue Cross
    Sun Life
    Maritime Life
    Great West Life

    Coverage may also be provided in cases involving Veterans Affairs, ICBC, Workers Compensation, Indigenous and Northern Affairs, or Crime Victim Assistance. Some co-pay or surcharge may apply in these cases as these coverages' pay rates are often lower than market rates.

  • How can I pay?
    Cash, Check, VISA, or Mastercard at the end of each session

    Shewchuk-Dann & Associates accepts cash, checks, VISA, and Mastercard. 

    Sorry, we don't have debit or interac. Also, we do not have on-line payment options.

    The current fee per session is $200. 

    For your information use this link to access the Psychologists' Association recommended fee schedule (for Alberta).

  • Are there services you are not offering right now?
    Dr. Daria is not currently accepting clients for couple or family counseling, young children, testing assessments, and some government coverages' (with some exceptions).

    Shewchuk-Dann & Associates is not currently taking on new couples counseling or family counseling clients. 

    We also are not currently taking on young children.

    Dr. Daria Shewchuk is taking a break from Legal Assessments, particularly those requiring testing or formal assessment.

    Additionally, We are not taking on new clients whose funding is from First Nations or Victim Services (as the co-pay would be inappropriate).

    Please contact us if you have any questions.

  • What is the difference between a Registered Psychologist and a Psychiatrist?
    A Psychiatrist is a medical doctor who prescribes medication and may (or may not) have psychological training. A Registered Psychologist has graduate level training in clinical or counseling psychology but may not prescribe medication in the province of BC at this time. 

    A registed psychologist attended University for training in clinical or counseling psychology.

    They have normally taken dozens of courses regarding the history and practice of clinical and counseling psychology.

    Often they have specialized training in treating particular issues such as trauma, sexual assault, depression, anxiety, loss, etc. as well as statistics and psychometrics (i.e. testing for and assessment of psychological conditions).

  • Is Hypnosis like what you see in the movies or on TV?
    Lol, NO! No hypnosis is nothing like you see in the movies or on TV.

    Dr. Shewchuk gets this question a lot! So she has  provided a link that she thinks does a great job of explaining:

    What is Hypnosis? from the NCSCH 

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